Calyman (Lemoneight):

Reviews left by Calyman

Fri, Jul 20 6:16 AM Calyman review of Listen To My Violin by Speck
Massive Attack Inside A Crunchy-Mastering. Very Well Produced @Speck I'm gonna l...
Thu, Jul 19 7:00 PM Calyman review of Shambala (Just Imagine) by Snowflake
Two Diamonds, I mean for the purity of sound and interpretations, Clean is not ...
Tue, Jul 17 5:52 PM Calyman review of Bass Valley by Apoxode
It sounding like the "Skuli Sverisson" (not sure of the writing of the name) ex...
Tue, Jul 17 5:48 PM Calyman review of travelLight Instrumental by airtone
An relaxing moment passed to listen it. Sounds very well mixed. Bravo for the s...
Tue, Jul 17 5:43 PM Calyman review of Hypochondriac ? by Scomber
Tue, Jul 17 5:40 PM Calyman review of I'll Wait by Tarida Gaol
Excellent composition and arrangements. Waiting ... for more. Snowflake sings ve...
Tue, Jul 17 5:31 PM Calyman review of Sauve Qui Veut (Apoxode Mix) by Apoxode
Like it. The automatic voice gives a 60's/70's aspect to the entire track, lik...
Fri, Jul 13 6:51 AM Calyman review of Shambala by IngemannStrunch
Fat Sound and production (the bass has a lot of presence) Loud and Warm result....
Thu, Jul 12 8:33 PM Calyman review of Financial District by Javolenus
One more Time "Plaid" in it . Please Continue.
Thu, Jul 12 8:31 PM Calyman review of The Cost of Doing Something by Javolenus
You're taking another musical road and it is successful. Gonna hear others of...
Thu, Jul 12 8:23 PM Calyman review of Political Engagement by Javolenus
Plaid Inside, Like it a Lot !
Thu, Jul 12 8:19 PM Calyman review of lately you make me .... by urmymuse
Siouxies are Back, I like your style and sounds , very 80's (good side of the ...
Thu, Jul 12 8:16 PM Calyman review of Jan 6th by Correspondence
Well Done. Inspiring. Good assembly and adds. On My playlist (to do list)
Thu, Jul 12 7:19 PM Calyman review of Jan 11th (Apoxode Mix) by Apoxode
Near Brian Eno. Congratulations. Just listen and be carried by the music.
Thu, Jul 12 7:15 PM Calyman review of Keep The Silence - Mandyleigh Storm by G_Storm
What a technical way to sing ! So clear and high notes.