Calyman (Lemoneight):

Reviews left by Calyman

Mon, Jan 23 2:48 PM Calyman review of Put Your Hands Up by Dan_Mantau
Boombasstik Hiphop ! Excellent work, it keep on grooving ! Still listening i...
Sat, Jan 14 4:00 AM Calyman review of The F Words by Stefan Kartenberg
Very good Minor song. The bass sound is great (very well played and recorded) Ar...
Thu, Jan 12 10:53 PM Calyman review of When the Sun Hardly Comes Out by Kara Square
It recalls me the excellent world of Nathalie Merchant. Very Nice Music , beauti...
Thu, Jan 12 10:47 PM Calyman review of When the Sun Finally Comes Out by ColdFoot
Very goog song (composition and arrangement sounds great), it recalls me the mus...
Sun, Aug 30 9:13 AM Calyman review of Rebecca's Night by @nop
A beautiful evolution of starting samples to reach an orchestral master piece .b...
Mon, Apr 16 4:35 AM Calyman review of Savior (STFU) Ft. BeholdTheButterfly & Kidjazz by coruscate
Great work coruscate , reminds me Björk !
Sun, Feb 19 5:36 AM Calyman review of Devour Progression by coruscate
simply one of My favorites of your tracks ! great work !
Sun, Feb 19 5:34 AM Calyman review of Loaded Too Late Ft. SackJo22 & Alex Beroza by coruscate
exellent track , nice arrangements , and very groovy , keep on working good man
Sun, Feb 19 5:32 AM Calyman review of Faux Departure of Babylonian Organs Ft. SpinningMerkaba, Duckett, Bruce H. McCosar and Morusque by coruscate
Love the eihgteen's jazz fusion influences , thanx to share it coruscate
Sun, Feb 19 5:27 AM Calyman review of Psycho Freak (Trance Dance Mix) by Psykick
this is fun I will not have thought to see this beat in a techno mix, thank you ...
Sun, Feb 19 5:18 AM Calyman review of Snow Woman by Super_Sigil
great job, bad that the voices are a little low in the mix.
Sun, Feb 5 12:37 AM Calyman review of I am stretched on your grave (dubstep remix) by Batard Tronique
c'est simple : j'aime , l'ambiance qui s'installe , la mélodie tranquille posé...
Tue, Dec 27 8:51 AM Calyman review of Indelible Choices Ft. SackJo22, Tom Ena & Klaus Neumaier by coruscate
Good jazz feeling on it , maybe a little "mecanical" for me... but the all idéa...
Tue, Dec 27 8:46 AM Calyman review of Me Robo El Show Ft. Farina by coruscate
excellent Coruscate!!! i wiil try something on your mix
Sun, Dec 25 4:37 AM Calyman review of Give `Em Love by Loveshadow
I'm thinking about songs of Jack johnson , and "ahhh " i loose the name of the m...