Reviews left by keytronic

Sun, Oct 27 8:08 AM keytronic review of Dark Clouds by onlymeith
what a wall of sound. would fit into a pictures of an exhibition soundtrack
Sun, Oct 27 4:40 AM keytronic review of Loveshadow's Safety Guide to Secret Mixter by Scomber
I love this.....(reminds me soooo freaky much to the lessons of Trevor Horn on R...
Sun, Oct 27 2:24 AM keytronic review of Lies (Keytronic, Quarkstar Remix) by Quarkstar
Sorry for not giving you too much to work with. Though I like that mix pretty mu...
Sun, Oct 20 3:12 PM keytronic review of the hook,the fall and the fish by latopa
very very nice listening experience. enjoyed pretty much the "dark" strings.
Fri, Oct 18 3:21 PM keytronic review of A Sense of Wonder by mullion
hmmm...smooth and chilly. perferct portion of everything....nice
Fri, Oct 11 2:13 AM keytronic review of Speaking Power to Truth by Hans Atom
nice funky rhythm guitar. and great bass.
Thu, Oct 10 7:26 AM keytronic review of This River by Loveshadow
Is this real ? Is this really FREE music for everyones enjoyment? Speechless ...
Wed, Oct 9 4:34 PM keytronic review of Garden Of Hope by mauerhuhn
Wed, Oct 2 11:02 AM keytronic review of Brilliant Day (treatment) by oldDog
I think this is Bluefunk
Wed, Oct 2 9:55 AM keytronic review of Heart On The Floor Remix by Lasswell
Elegant and really professional. Nice
Wed, Oct 2 9:53 AM keytronic review of Urgent Geometry by Speck
Cool Stuff. Kind of Alan Wilder (aka Recoil) on a trip.
Sun, Sep 22 5:49 AM keytronic review of It's Over Now by Alex riffs and rhythm. rock'n'roll baby. well done.
Mon, Sep 16 3:32 PM keytronic review of 8 diD T4R US APaRT by Sturzstrom
smooth and funky - and r-rated....hehehe
Sat, Sep 14 2:25 AM keytronic review of Coming Home by Scomber
now fall can come. I have just downloaded the soundtrack for watching the fallin...
Sat, Sep 14 2:20 AM keytronic review of donnieozone and mag - A Stranger To Ourselves by magmavander
wow....needed to listen to this remix more often. beside of that I like it prett...