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Reviews left by keytronic

Fri, Jul 25 2:28 PM keytronic review of Stop the Hate by texasradiofish
It is funny and serious. Really....
Fri, Jul 25 2:24 PM keytronic review of Garnet Wine (with CiggiBurns) by Mana Junkie
super cool track....absolutely top. Outstanding !! (the longer I listen)
Fri, Jul 25 2:20 PM keytronic review of I'm Not a Fool by CSoul
Nice jazz...the tempo exchange at the end is cool (hope for kind of it earlier)
Wed, Jul 23 1:53 PM keytronic review of A Foolish Game by CSoul
I need to kill the virginity of this review thread: I love this version. Unbelie...
Tue, Jul 22 4:49 PM keytronic review of Eavesdropping by Robert Warrington
For taking the risk to be dedicately listend to. At least this song is a delica...
Tue, Jul 22 4:42 PM keytronic review of Vary-eyed (ft. airtone) by robwalkerpoet
Interesting form of reggae. it reminds that all music kind of has the same roots...
Tue, Jul 22 4:39 PM keytronic review of Stay Away by Aussens@iter
very cool. this is sooo different. great one !
Tue, Jul 22 4:38 PM keytronic review of Shearwaters (a poem by robwalkerpoet) by Zep Hurme
I must completely agree to Speck. This is very cool.
Tue, Jul 22 4:34 PM keytronic review of buNCHHUnch by panu
I love the guitar. I love the way how you tuned it and how you played it. There ...
Tue, Jul 22 4:31 PM keytronic review of Lost in thought (Duet) by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
super sensitve. for me it is one of the best duets you did
Tue, Jul 22 4:30 PM keytronic review of Miss You (Syndroid Remix) by Syndroid
I can't help myself - I find this supercool. Must have been a ton of work to pro...
Sun, Jul 20 2:36 AM keytronic review of Garnet Wine .... by VickyDan
Dan - your style is brilliant. The cineastique moments. You treatment of Ciggi'...
Sun, Jul 20 2:32 AM keytronic review of Raynardine .... by VickyDan
It took me a while to listen through all the latests uploads here. I have saved ...
Sun, Jul 20 2:30 AM keytronic review of Garnet_Wine by Stefan Kartenberg
wow. this has something very hypnotic. crystal clear production - as usual.
Sun, Jul 20 2:27 AM keytronic review of Garnet Wine by CiggiBurns
hot !!! and crystal clear ;-)