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Kraftamt (Karstenholymoly):

Reviews left by Kraftamt

Fri, May 3 2:40 PM Kraftamt review of Some People ( Electro Remix ) by Dysfunction_AL
Wow .... this is a great thing. Really fantastic sounds with exellent drums. Thi...
Fri, May 3 2:30 PM Kraftamt review of Hold On Now by Alex
Really big sounds on this great production. Well done alex.
Fri, May 3 2:29 PM Kraftamt review of I As We by Speck
Incredible work. Wonderful how you deal with the samples.
Fri, May 3 2:27 PM Kraftamt review of Behind Her Eyes(mix) by @nop
Beautiful sound combination. Well done, nop.
Fri, May 3 2:22 PM Kraftamt review of FUSE by texasradiofish
Great production. Clean and of high quality. I especially love the organ and the...
Fri, May 3 2:17 PM Kraftamt review of Black Shadow by Hans Atom
Deep and dark. Fantastic.
Thu, Apr 25 4:22 PM Kraftamt review of Sensitive by TheDICE fantastic...the sounds, the arrangement, the idea...really gr...
Mon, Apr 22 11:46 AM Kraftamt review of D100-Corelli-Guitar by Javolenus
WOW. This is really beautiful. Arcangelo Corelli would be delighted to hear some...
Mon, Apr 22 10:19 AM Kraftamt review of Stranger by Dysfunction_AL
WOW...Great sound and arrangement....really nice
Mon, Apr 22 10:14 AM Kraftamt review of Night Path by Infernal
Very nice ambient sound....
Mon, Apr 22 10:05 AM Kraftamt review of Sweet Home (rock instrumental) by Ivan Chew
WOW...That's perfect. Great arrangement and sounds.
Thu, Apr 18 10:56 PM Kraftamt review of I'm Feelin' You by copperhead
Yeeaa....This is perfect. PUMP UP THE VOLUME AND PLAY IT LOUD!!!
Wed, Apr 17 7:59 AM Kraftamt review of Au-to-ma-tic by Wired Ant
Yeah man, that's a really great synth groove. Incredible thing.
Sat, Apr 13 3:41 PM Kraftamt review of Just Don't Know What I'm Playing (Piano Impro) by Doxent Zsigmond
WOW! That is really beautiful!
Sun, Apr 7 8:33 AM Kraftamt review of Ianiscus by Javolenus
Oh yeah .... this is an amazing song. Very nice sound texture made ​​through...