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Reviews left by Javolenus

Thu, May 12 2:36 AM Javolenus review of Jazz Visions by Stefan Kartenberg
Wow--this is super! Greatly enjoyed. Love the organ especially. Very cool instru...
Tue, Apr 12 12:03 AM Javolenus review of shadow by Kristian Skybound
Sounds great -- very enjoyable music journey. Thnx for including me. Great vox f...
Wed, Apr 6 4:59 AM Javolenus review of focus by Kristian Skybound
Very cool treatment. Many thanks for including me! Divine vocal by Snowflake.
Mon, Mar 21 4:24 AM Javolenus review of Summer Camp by Stefan Kartenberg
Oh yes -- I dig this! Many many thanks. Lovely guitar processing-sound you made....
Sat, Mar 19 5:50 AM Javolenus review of Danny Boy by texasradiofish
Oh yeah ... that's cool! Many thanks for including me & "May the road rise to me...
Fri, Mar 18 9:04 AM Javolenus review of The Glory Of Love by Stefan Kartenberg
That's great -- really enjoyed it! Speaks to my Celtic roots and also sounds lik...
Sat, Mar 12 5:12 AM Javolenus review of Stop The Drop by Stefan Kartenberg
Dats Grooovy!!! :-)
Tue, Feb 2 11:55 PM Javolenus review of Breakfast Jazz Duo by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Oh yeah -- that is great! Many thanks indeed. Now it swings! Very very cool. :-)...
Mon, Feb 1 9:30 AM Javolenus review of Flower by Doxent Zsigmond
Oh yes -- that is cool. Very nice. Piano is excellent. Beautiful mood you create...
Mon, Feb 1 9:28 AM Javolenus review of Flowers for the Loved by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
That's cool. Bass adds so much feel. Beautiful playing.
Mon, Jan 25 11:45 PM Javolenus review of Passage of Time (Duet) by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Oh yeah ... that is great. Mega kudos guys! :-)
Mon, Jan 25 11:39 PM Javolenus review of Restart The Melody by Dan_Mantau
Really great -- many thanks for the remix & kudos for spotting & developing the ...
Sun, Jan 24 3:34 AM Javolenus review of Miles Away by Speck
Very cool. Many thanks for including me! :-)
Tue, Jan 19 3:20 PM Javolenus review of She's In Love by Stefan Kartenberg
Oh yeah -- that is very cool! Many thanks indeed -- lovely instrumentation & arr...
Sun, Jan 10 2:43 AM Javolenus review of 4 Guitarreros by Doxent Zsigmond
Beautiful concept and creative mix. Very cinematic. Many thanks for including me...