Rise from the Ashes Event

Reviews left by Javolenus

Wed, Jul 20 9:18 AM Javolenus review of The Transcendent Tipi by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Oh yes that is very nice, very cool! Well balanced & tasteful. I love all the ad...
Sun, Jul 10 4:51 AM Javolenus review of Old Man's Fancy by Stefan Kartenberg
Oh yeah -- very cool! And rifftastic. Many thanks!!! :-)
Sat, Jul 9 9:11 AM Javolenus review of Tears of Niobe by Stefan Kartenberg
Oh yeah--that is great. Many thanks! Wonderful arrangement, edits & additions. C...
Thu, Jul 7 11:40 PM Javolenus review of Break FREE by Dan_Mantau
Oh this is soooo cool! Many thanks indeed for including me. Superb thing you mad...
Thu, Jul 7 11:36 PM Javolenus review of Star Of The County Down by Stefan Kartenberg
Very enjoyable arrangement, instrumentation & production! Dig it! Thnx :-)
Thu, Jul 7 11:33 PM Javolenus review of An Echo From The Ages by Speck
Oh yeah -- dat's cool. Good concept well executed. Thnx for including me!
Sat, Jun 25 12:29 AM Javolenus review of Improspective (with Martijn de Boer and Javolenus) by Speck
Oh yeah that is coool! Many thnx Speck. Dig it.
Thu, Jun 23 5:00 AM Javolenus review of Teflon Tina by Scomber
Yes, very nice clean sounds. Dig it! Many thnx!
Thu, Jun 23 3:18 AM Javolenus review of dynasea by Kristian Skybound
Oh yeah, very cool. Beautiful arrangement.
Tue, Jun 21 9:58 AM Javolenus review of Five AM Blues by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Ha ha -- made me smile! That is some super-tasty bass-playing dude! Anchors the ...
Tue, Jun 21 9:52 AM Javolenus review of Improspective by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Hey, hey! Another cool remix. Dig the wah-wah addition. And the bass phrasing is...
Mon, Jun 20 10:05 AM Javolenus review of Elsewhere Park by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Oh yeah -- that is really spot-on! Bass adds so much warmth, and anchors the tra...
Sat, Jun 18 5:52 AM Javolenus review of You And I, Loving Men Of No Glory by Speck
Oh yeah -- very cool! I dig the atmosphere & drama of this track. Great title to...
Sat, Jun 18 5:48 AM Javolenus review of No Parking by Stefan Kartenberg
Very cool remix -- many thanks! The additions fill out the spectrum and help kee...
Tue, Jun 14 1:47 PM Javolenus review of black lullaby by Kristian Skybound
That's real cool! Kudos & many thanks for the remix. :-)