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Reviews left by Javolenus

Fri, May 11 12:26 PM Javolenus review of Hand of Sand by Robert Warrington
Great. Bob's GTR is epic, but your lyrics are excellent--very strong and origina...
Thu, May 10 1:49 PM Javolenus review of Piano Four by AT
This is stunning--very beautiful and absolutely my kind of thing.
Thu, May 10 8:28 AM Javolenus review of for Kara :) by sLow_starteR
Extremely Kinky--I'm sure Ray would approve! And yeah, just can't say enough how...
Thu, May 10 7:00 AM Javolenus review of Whispering Campion by CSoul
Speck has pretty much said it for me! I like the groove, which is exceedingly co...
Wed, May 9 5:16 AM Javolenus review of Relaxed Artifacts by Super_Sigil
This is great--what tempo/bpm is it? But yeah, it really works--fantastic!
Wed, May 9 12:33 AM Javolenus review of Dying on the Vine by Robert Warrington
I'm impressed. Great concept and well realised. Your words are exceptionally goo...
Tue, May 8 11:42 PM Javolenus review of Melissa D'Aubergine by texasradiofish
Just discovered this -- brilliant beyond words! It's just so well realised -- re...
Tue, May 8 10:24 PM Javolenus review of Thank You For ... Dry Vocal Reading by essesq
Thanks for this! I'm glad that sLow has also recognised your voice talent! The b...
Tue, May 8 10:17 PM Javolenus review of Meant To Be - Mesophilian Caustics by Joel Frijters
This is great -- really works for me. You got a kool voice mein Herr and it soun...
Tue, May 8 10:12 PM Javolenus review of instrumental ("eyz afire") by sLow_starteR
Sounds great! Bob's GTR is a real live entity!
Tue, May 8 10:09 PM Javolenus review of Jammy Bastard by Sturzstrom
That's waaaaay cool! Great title too.
Tue, May 8 10:04 PM Javolenus review of Live at the mixtro by Jeris
Great! A very cool mix. Keyboards sound superb. The track sounds nice & warm and...
Tue, May 8 11:39 AM Javolenus review of Kundalini - In My Blood by Joel Frijters
Yeah, that works good -- nice, sensitive enhancements. It's a great track. You'v...
Tue, May 8 3:21 AM Javolenus review of JB110E by unreal_dm
Superb and right up my Strasse.
Tue, May 8 2:22 AM Javolenus review of Allgemeingut (DonĀ“t-dare-to-mess-with-the-80ies-remix!) by Hans Atom
Very professional sound and cool song. And yes, very 80s! All kinds of MTV-type ...