Reviews left by Javolenus

Mon, Mar 12 9:40 AM Javolenus review of A Prayer by SackJo22
Superb! Faultless sound and execution. Really terrific!
Mon, Mar 12 9:21 AM Javolenus review of Aphrodite - And Choir Mix by KungFu
Hey man, inspired! Many thanks for this. I love that Sappho's 2,000-year-old wor...
Mon, Mar 12 9:15 AM Javolenus review of Marisita's Eyes - Cocktail Hour Mix by KungFu
Hi there and many thanks indeed for this. I like the treatment! I especially lik...
Mon, Mar 12 12:43 AM Javolenus review of Different Percussion in 4/4 at 130 bpm by tigabeatz
This is great -- wonderful feel.
Sun, Mar 11 3:06 PM Javolenus review of Gardening on the Moon by Admiral Bob
The guitar solo--I really like that! Excellent voice too.
Sun, Mar 11 5:18 AM Javolenus review of Being a Man by Scomber
Great instrumentation and overall arrangement, but for me the vocals seal it as ...
Sun, Mar 11 1:03 AM Javolenus review of Triggernometry by 7OOP3D
Hey, I love this. A definite addition to my mp3 playlist.
Sat, Mar 10 10:52 AM Javolenus review of Nothing To Me by Jeris
Totally blown away. You're a genius man, no joke.
Sat, Mar 10 3:56 AM Javolenus review of Little Soldier by Wired Ant
Real cool. Excellent groove. Like this a lot.
Fri, Mar 9 10:57 AM Javolenus review of Samples for Scomber by Jeris
I really love this. Reminds me of Ry Cooder. Nice ear-therapy.
Fri, Mar 9 8:15 AM Javolenus review of Broken Needs by unreal_dm
Beautiful production, sounds and instrumentation--acoustic guitar sounds great. ...
Thu, Mar 8 8:34 AM Javolenus review of ΣΑΠΦΩ - Berkeley Mix by KungFu
Wow that was fast work! This song went from an idea to a finished track in less ...
Tue, Mar 6 11:08 AM Javolenus review of Come Home - Martyn Mix by KungFu
Hey, you really nailed this! Many thanks for "Martynizing" the track and adding ...
Mon, Mar 5 10:47 PM Javolenus review of The BEST Damn Heart by Loveshadow
Man, how do you do this?! The drums sound fantastic. Overall, this is the kind o...
Sat, Mar 3 3:16 PM Javolenus review of Linked by Jeris
Mmm, really nice. Love the instrumentation. And the vocals are great too. You pu...