Reviews left by Javolenus

Mon, Mar 26 11:02 AM Javolenus review of Intro by unreal_dm
Super! Great playing and GTR sound.
Mon, Mar 26 11:00 AM Javolenus review of Flesh And Bones by Alex
Great! Love the bassy synth sounds.
Mon, Mar 26 8:18 AM Javolenus review of Spiritus Contra Spiritum by Super_Sigil
Just wanted to add my appreciation for this one--really great atmosphere, sounds...
Mon, Mar 26 12:06 AM Javolenus review of Vertigo by onlymeith
Great. I too was reminded of Gabriel--and that's a good thing. Wonderful and tho...
Sat, Mar 24 3:05 PM Javolenus review of Detachment by Alex
Sat, Mar 24 7:45 AM Javolenus review of REQUIEM FOR A LOVE by BOCrew
Absolutely sublime--excellent. Intro is pure bliss.
Sat, Mar 24 4:27 AM Javolenus review of Baby, I'm Gone by texasradiofish
Great! I especially like the guitars. Really nice sounds and every element has s...
Fri, Mar 23 1:03 AM Javolenus review of Cpt. Javo`s Dream Shuttle Mission by Wired Ant
Supercool! I like it a lot and will listen some more. Sounds like an evocative s...
Thu, Mar 22 11:32 AM Javolenus review of Safe Tread Blues by Super_Sigil
Seriously inspired! Great soundscape that kinda put me in mind of Beatles circa ...
Wed, Mar 21 4:45 AM Javolenus review of Pushin' Daisies-Dub Mix by Jeris
Superb--I like this a lot!
Tue, Mar 20 2:24 PM Javolenus review of Spatial voyage from A to B by Hans Atom
Really excellent--good work!
Mon, Mar 19 11:08 PM Javolenus review of Sadness is an Ich-Flavoured Dish by KungFu
Hi and thanks for using this! I really love your title--very clever! And you got...
Mon, Mar 19 3:07 AM Javolenus review of Something I Need by texasradiofish
Err, this is like, fantastic. If I said I liked it and thought it was good--that...
Sun, Mar 18 1:02 PM Javolenus review of I Am Music (feat. debbizo) by Wired Ant
Oh yes, mein Herr, that's just excellent! Put a big smile on my face--your are a...
Sun, Mar 18 6:00 AM Javolenus review of More to this Place by Admiral Bob
Hi Bob and many thanks for this! great instrumentation and production (would lov...