Perfect Harmony Remix Event

Reviews left by Javolenus

Mon, Apr 23 1:02 AM Javolenus review of Greg's Remedy (ReintegrationMix) by duckett
Nice job on this! Looks like we were both working on Greg's sample at the same t...
Sun, Apr 22 10:12 PM Javolenus review of No ideas (yet another bass loop stuff) by greg_baumont
Love this -- many thanks for posting it.
Sun, Apr 22 4:09 AM Javolenus review of Running in circles by Robert Anthony Ruzzo
Great. Authentic and cool. In fact, superb in all respects!
Sun, Apr 22 12:39 AM Javolenus review of History of Longing (NewRoMix) by duckett
Yeah, really love this!
Sat, Apr 21 3:21 PM Javolenus review of It's You I'll Miss by Jeris
Nice instrumentation--yeah, sounds great. Nice edge on the vocals too.
Sat, Apr 21 3:33 AM Javolenus review of Ceremonial Meeting on the Highway by texasradiofish
Mmm, OK, this is an exceedingly good track and I feel honoured to be included. I...
Sat, Apr 21 3:21 AM Javolenus review of Twin Souls by Jeris
I said it before and I'll say it again: you're a genius man!
Wed, Apr 18 3:57 AM Javolenus review of Trace of Love (feat.Panumoon&Javolenus) by Wired Ant
Many thanks for using my stuff on this. Excellent synth parts! And a heartfelt v...
Thu, Apr 12 10:30 PM Javolenus review of Javolenus2 by Speck
Hi Speck and many thanks for a superb remix. I really enjoyed this -- great soun...
Thu, Apr 12 2:14 PM Javolenus review of One Time Machine by TheDICE
Clear and balanced mix -- really enjoyed listening to this.
Thu, Apr 12 8:27 AM Javolenus review of Circles by radiotimes
Yeah, this is great - refreshingly subtle, spacy, and generally brilliant. It's,...
Thu, Apr 12 4:49 AM Javolenus review of I Do Not Know How to Love You in English by Jeris
Hi Jeris -- don't know how I missed this one, but have just been catching up aft...
Mon, Apr 9 11:10 PM Javolenus review of Maze by _ghost
Hey, nice work! Thanks for using my stuff. Very nicely edited GTR works well. An...
Sat, Apr 7 3:05 PM Javolenus review of Movie Star * (The Making Of X) by Loveshadow
I dunno -- your stuff is always so brilliant (*sigh*)! Added to playlist.
Fri, Apr 6 10:57 PM Javolenus review of The Living Game by Jeris
Hey, Jeris, you made a real beautiful thing with this. Thanks for using my stuff...