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Reviews left by Javolenus

Thu, Apr 26 12:45 AM Javolenus review of leinad sorihcak by leinadsorihcak
Really wonderful -- many thanks for posting this!
Wed, Apr 25 11:15 PM Javolenus review of Nootropica by Jeris
Hey Jeris, very cool track! I'm a big Titaka fan and have remixed her several ti...
Wed, Apr 25 3:06 AM Javolenus review of sad drive to the shoe store (acoustic guitar loop) by sLow_starteR
Worth a review for the title alone! Nice work!
Wed, Apr 25 3:01 AM Javolenus review of Oolong Tea by sLow_starteR
Great! Love the lyrics and the delivery. Nice vocal sound too--kinda reminds me ...
Tue, Apr 24 1:16 AM Javolenus review of We're Ok (Pretty Sure About That Mix) by KungFu
This is brilliant -- I think it's totally FAB.
Tue, Apr 24 1:15 AM Javolenus review of I'm Okay, You're Okay, We're Okay by Kara Square
Mon, Apr 23 10:16 PM Javolenus review of Refurbished Goods by Super_Sigil
Cool mix -- I like it a lot! Many thanks for including my stuff in this.
Mon, Apr 23 11:29 AM Javolenus review of Love Shook My Heart by KungFu
Hey, really love this treatment! Sensitive and spacey -- would love to hear the ...
Mon, Apr 23 10:54 AM Javolenus review of My Flaming Heart by Wired Ant
Beautiful track! The concept, sentiment, atmosphere, arrangement and soundscape ...
Mon, Apr 23 1:02 AM Javolenus review of Greg's Remedy (ReintegrationMix) by duckett
Nice job on this! Looks like we were both working on Greg's sample at the same t...
Sun, Apr 22 10:12 PM Javolenus review of No ideas (yet another bass loop stuff) by greg_baumont
Love this -- many thanks for posting it.
Sun, Apr 22 4:09 AM Javolenus review of Running in circles by Robert Anthony Ruzzo
Great. Authentic and cool. In fact, superb in all respects!
Sun, Apr 22 12:39 AM Javolenus review of History of Longing (NewRoMix) by duckett
Yeah, really love this!
Sat, Apr 21 3:21 PM Javolenus review of It's You I'll Miss by Jeris
Nice instrumentation--yeah, sounds great. Nice edge on the vocals too.
Sat, Apr 21 3:33 AM Javolenus review of Ceremonial Meeting on the Highway by texasradiofish
Mmm, OK, this is an exceedingly good track and I feel honoured to be included. I...