Reviews left by Javolenus

Sun, May 6 12:21 PM Javolenus review of Te amare (Ft. Javolenus) by Numeron
Mmmmmmm, nice! What a lovely voice SilviaO has! And once again you've managed to...
Sun, May 6 12:06 AM Javolenus review of Kalimba by AT
Sat, May 5 5:40 AM Javolenus review of Sleeping in the Dark by Numeron
Mmm, nice. And I'm just amazed how you make these samples fit together like a si...
Sat, May 5 5:33 AM Javolenus review of Itchy Blues (restoration remix) by Speck
What a totally amazing mix! Inspired use of the samples -- you really managed to...
Fri, May 4 11:38 PM Javolenus review of Breathe by copperhead
Wonderful live feel. Just really superb!
Fri, May 4 9:32 PM Javolenus review of Piano Doodles 5 by AT
Yeah, I love this. Many thanks for sharing.
Fri, May 4 3:01 PM Javolenus review of Wrapped Around My Soul by Numeron
Mmm, if that session was in your imagination, how come I got blisters on my fing...
Fri, May 4 2:00 PM Javolenus review of Ich Bin Unsichtbar (I am invisible) by Wired Ant
Mmmmm, oh yes! Gotta say that I love this! You worked magic with my original voc...
Fri, May 4 8:28 AM Javolenus review of Ophelia's Dubstep by starfrosch
Really enjoyable--cool mix and thanks for sharing.
Fri, May 4 3:55 AM Javolenus review of Robbero - 12.45 AM (Hip Hop Instrumental) by Robbero
Neat idea and it sounds great too!
Thu, May 3 1:57 PM Javolenus review of Wait for a Whisper by Numeron
Many thanks for including my guitar sample in this. It's a beautiful mix. I real...
Thu, May 3 12:06 PM Javolenus review of HS02 by unreal_dm
This is very beautiful and accomplished--a real treat for the ears. I very much ...
Thu, May 3 12:04 PM Javolenus review of Trash Stomp by Wired Ant
Very impressive--and very KlingKlang! Alles Gute!
Thu, May 3 9:18 AM Javolenus review of Restoration Blues - Copper-Jav-O-KungFu Mix by KungFu
Hey, you got a great voice Kung, and no mistake! That scat is amazing and more "...
Wed, May 2 11:45 PM Javolenus review of Restoration Blues by Jeris
Hi Jeris and many thanks indeed for this. Boy you did me+copperhead proud on thi...