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Reviews left by Javolenus

Wed, Jan 13 3:46 AM Javolenus review of Hope by Kraftamt
Extremely beautiful and speaks to the soul. Wonderful soundscape and top-quality...
Wed, Jan 13 3:42 AM Javolenus review of Graf Dracula by Stefan Kartenberg
Well, this is amazing! Really fantastic on all levels: production on the vocal; ...
Tue, Jan 12 12:22 AM Javolenus review of Severed Roots by Kraftamt
Awesome soundscape. My Friend--you are a sound-genius. Top-class arrangement and...
Wed, Jan 6 10:26 AM Javolenus review of King Henry by Stefan Kartenberg
Wonderful remix, arrangement & production--much enjoyed and with many thanks! ...
Sun, Jan 3 4:21 AM Javolenus review of A Funky Smooth Departure by Speck
Awesome remix & very much enjoyed. The live drums are an especial joy. Really gr...
Sat, Jan 2 9:13 AM Javolenus review of Orfeo by Stefan Kartenberg
Kool remix. Many thanks--much enjoyed! And with best wishes for new year.
Thu, Dec 31 1:17 PM Javolenus review of Happy New Year by Loveshadow
Beautiful song, arrangement, & production. And your voice is sounding amazing. G...
Wed, Dec 23 11:14 PM Javolenus review of On A Silent Night by Stefan Kartenberg
Excellent remix & production. And love the drum sounds. Many thanks! And with be...
Wed, Dec 23 10:29 AM Javolenus review of Let's Move Along (A 2020 Song) by Speck
Awesome words & vocal--sounds great. Kudos, man! And all the best (and all that ...
Tue, Dec 22 4:52 AM Javolenus review of So Long Twenty Twenty Pantry by Stefan Kartenberg
Excellent remix--sounds great! Very many thanks, Stefan. :-)
Mon, Dec 21 10:24 AM Javolenus review of Twenty Twenty Pantry by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Hej Martijn--many thanks! Tasteful playing as always, and adds a ton of depth & ...
Sun, Dec 20 5:56 AM Javolenus review of Gaudete 2020 by Stefan Kartenberg
Awesome backing track--love it!
Fri, Dec 18 1:31 PM Javolenus review of Life goes on by Mr. Pepino
Great remix--dig it!
Thu, Dec 17 6:39 AM Javolenus review of 1973 by Stefan Kartenberg
Tue, Dec 15 6:41 AM Javolenus review of Tina Gill by Stefan Kartenberg
Excellent production & arrangement. Love the snare-drum sound & overall beat/gro...