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Intrasonic takes its inspiration from industrial and EBM mastery, such as Covenant, Nine Inch Nails and Apoptygma Bezerk, but have also been known to draw from artists such as Depeche Mode, NickCave and VNV Nation. With tracks ranging in style from hard hitting EBM dance songs to soulful ballads, Intrasonic covers an extensive dynamic and stylistic range.

In December 2005, Intrasonic embarked on their first National Australian Tour, playing shows in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. However the highlight for the band was their December 2004 performance where they supported industrial legends KMFDM on the Perth leg of their Australian tour.

The band’s debut album At The End, has received outstanding feedback and is featured regularly in local Western Australian dark music nightclubs and radio stations and has appeared on DJ play lists from international clubs such as Synthetic Culture (UK), Certificate 18 (UK), K17 (Germany) and The Abyss (US).

The band is currently working on their second full length album which should be available later this year. In August 2007, Toby moved to Berlin, Germany to write new material, find new band members to work with and promote the band to a European market. This is the most exciting time for the project since it’s conception.

hat Others have said about Intrasonic:

“Intrasonics vibe and sound are undeniable. His remix textures and grooves are inspiring and take the original direction of our songs to a totally cool and different level”.
- Bruce Somers (Kidney Thieves / ShockNina)

“The music seems well put together and there are some nice hooks present”. - Tom Shear (Assemblage 23)

“I like it!! It’s an album that doesn’t have to try hard… got my attention right from the first listen”.
- Sascha K. (KMFDM)

Michel Domaing
Gabor Poszt
Wilhelm Dukart
Toby Craig

Southern hemisphere lineup (live):
Glenn Williams
Jason (EVAC) Armstrong
Travis Betts
Toby Craig
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Fri, Feb 12, 2010
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