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Mon, Jun 2 8:30 AM rifft review of Ain't It Funny by duckett
This one has a nice groove. I notice that you arpeggiate all the chords. I sus...
Fri, May 30 4:20 PM rifft review of Free of Your Silence by Alan Lu
Very cool! I especially liked the bassline.
Wed, May 28 5:02 AM rifft review of We Are In Love by shannonsongs
You have a gorgeous voice! Thank you for your uploads.
Mon, May 26 2:43 PM rifft review of In-Between (emorej remix) by emorej
Nice mix! The vibe of the track fits the lyrics very well.
Thu, May 22 6:08 PM rifft review of Broken_flow my tears RMX by Fringe Kollective
I like the vibe of this one. The chords you chose are cool. I wonder if the pa...
Tue, May 20 4:08 PM rifft review of Black Is The Night [Omni Vista's Deep Mix] by Omni Vista
That's hot! I'd love to know "how you did it." I'm especially curious which syn...
Sun, May 18 10:03 AM rifft review of Sooner Or Later - DT's OldSkool Showdown Mix by two_curve
Excellent mix! I enjoyed hearing the tunes on your myspace page too.
Sun, May 18 9:55 AM rifft review of sooner or later by Tomas PhUsIoN
Great mix! And I love the violins.
Sat, May 17 10:11 AM rifft review of Guess this is love acapella by maajonic
Damn! You got SOUL!
Sat, May 17 10:10 AM rifft review of Good Enough (Acappella) by Trifonic
This is a beautiful tune. It's been a pleasure to work with this song.
Tue, May 13 12:37 AM rifft review of Lies Across Cyberspace by Sawtooth
The hats in this track have a nice ring to them. However, the synth line seems ...