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Reviews left by diaphane

Wed, Apr 22 3:20 AM diaphane review of Only Love by reiswerk
Very nice,happy, “jumpy” and sensitive music with a great voice :)
Wed, Apr 22 3:07 AM diaphane review of Le tour de tes nuits #2 by Stefan Kartenberg
Stefan I am your biggest fan !!! I love how you made the construction of this so...
Tue, Apr 21 12:40 PM diaphane review of Drip Drop by rocavaco
Jumpy music, happy and light like drops of H20, a joy for ears.
Tue, Apr 21 12:30 PM diaphane review of Broken (Found Hope Remix) by Doxent Zsigmond
Sooner ...and Broken, two jewels-songs with one of the most beautiful pella I've...
Tue, Apr 21 12:26 PM diaphane review of Broken (Acappella) by Trifonic
Tue, Apr 21 12:17 PM diaphane review of Track 05: Class Dismissed - PARECON and Classlessness by projectQUESTION (lonnie ray atkinson)
Great and amazing pella !!! Bravo
Tue, Apr 21 12:14 PM diaphane review of Class Dismissed by Hans Atom
I do agree with Latopa, your music gives a smooth side, less rough to this grea...
Mon, Apr 20 6:44 AM diaphane review of culture clash by latopa
Great deep exotic and funky musical jungle !!! Impressive .... But tell me.... H...
Sat, Apr 18 3:47 AM diaphane review of Waiting by Shebbe
Very nice and cool atmosphere Even if I don't recognize pieces of The rainbow, ...
Sat, Apr 18 3:40 AM diaphane review of Ill Street Blues (kool g rap vocal) by Bizarre Mentality
Beautiful !!
Sat, Apr 18 3:38 AM diaphane review of ill street blues by Kristian Skybound
Sat, Apr 18 3:36 AM diaphane review of Le Tour (No Idea Genre) by Chandan Boruah
Hi Chandubaba, nice to meet you :) Very original, and very nice harmonies !!! I ...
Sun, Mar 1 2:26 AM diaphane review of Never Easy by unreal_dm
Obvious and beautiful musical blend with Kara !!!
Sun, Mar 1 2:24 AM diaphane review of Never Easy by Kara Square
I like your sensibility very much, your words are deep, universal indeed, but it...
Fri, Feb 27 6:10 AM diaphane review of Night flight by Robbero
I agree with SackJo. Maybe you used David´s knife music and not my pella ??????