Firefly Secret Mixter Remixes!

Reviews left by diaphane

Sat, Oct 11 8:27 AM diaphane review of BRAND NEW MAN by charlie_charles
Wooowwww!! What a gift :) After a brand new man, a brand new kind of music : ele...
Wed, Oct 8 9:12 AM diaphane review of Never Stop Raising The Bar by zthmusic
Perfect wedding between your beautiful spacey music and this gorgious voice. A d...
Wed, Oct 8 9:09 AM diaphane review of What This Feels Like (pell) by Snowflake
I am a girl who love men, but I definitively love your voice !! This is great :)...
Wed, Oct 8 8:58 AM diaphane review of Hope for the Best by Cezary Ostrowski
You're giving delicate electronic clothes to voices (male or female), like a fre...
Wed, Oct 8 8:51 AM diaphane review of My Valentine by Cezary Ostrowski
Simply beautiful !
Wed, Oct 8 8:51 AM diaphane review of my Valentine (Pell) by SackJo22
Beautiful choice of words, perfect with your delicious voice !
Wed, Oct 8 8:42 AM diaphane review of Play By The Rules by Dan_Mantau
Great rythm !! And your music, with smoothy, spacey and aerial sounds is very ni...
Wed, Oct 8 1:27 AM diaphane review of Fly to the Rainbow by Scomber
Great association between Scott Altham's music, Ditto's voice and mine ! Very in...
Tue, Sep 23 3:05 PM diaphane review of All For Free by Donnie Ozone
So great rythm and voice :)
Tue, Sep 23 3:02 PM diaphane review of Connect >> to Share by Scomber
Great :)
Sun, Sep 21 1:13 PM diaphane review of Homesick by Doxent Zsigmond
Absolutely beautiful music with this beautiful Kizzylotus's voice
Sun, Sep 21 1:06 PM diaphane review of This is on the stairs by Quantum Theor(y)
GĂ©nial :)
Fri, Sep 19 9:30 AM diaphane review of Little Butterfly by Aussens@iter
Beautiful !!! A funky love story between your guitar and Moonchild's voice ! Es ...
Fri, Sep 19 9:21 AM diaphane review of goodbye butterfly by moonchild
Great voice, very pure And I love your avatar :)
Fri, Sep 19 9:17 AM diaphane review of Bambi by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Thanks Martijn for your work !! Your nice (electro)-accoustic instruments give...