Firefly Secret Mixter Remixes!

Reviews left by diaphane

Thu, Oct 23 1:01 AM diaphane review of Organized Truth by Jeris
Sorry for this stupid question, is this your voice?? Great voice and great song ...
Tue, Oct 21 9:27 AM diaphane review of Growth in the Garden (1) by SackJo22
I love this beautiful deep and warm atmosphere. A touch of jazz, a touch of hip-...
Tue, Oct 21 6:24 AM diaphane review of Your Mask by Snowflake
"GĂ©nial" !!!You're so talented ! Perfect association of Mickael's voice and you...
Tue, Oct 21 6:11 AM diaphane review of Money To Burn by unreal_dm
Greaaaaaat !!! Music for joy :)
Tue, Oct 21 6:09 AM diaphane review of Money To Burn by Elijah Lucian
Great!! You make me dance in my house :)
Mon, Oct 20 2:17 PM diaphane review of Sunday Afternoon by Robbero
So do I !!!! This is great ! Smooth like whipped cream in a cup of coffee :)
Sun, Oct 19 12:35 AM diaphane review of Canapes by Robert Warrington
Very good song about women full of contradictions (like a canape staying in the ...
Sat, Oct 18 12:14 PM diaphane review of Dying on the Vine by Robert Warrington
An other kind of inner-dreamlike journey or film music, this is brilliant :)
Tue, Oct 14 11:19 PM diaphane review of Living in Harmony by Patronski
Beautiful song ! Your two voices are lovely together. Perfect association with J...
Tue, Oct 14 11:31 AM diaphane review of U Help me Take it in by Loveshadow
It's a hit!!! At the same time delicate and with a f...... great rythm :)
Tue, Oct 14 5:47 AM diaphane review of Twelve-String-Impro by Javolenus
Beau-ti-ful !!!
Tue, Oct 14 3:26 AM diaphane review of Play by the Rules by Scomber
Just perfect !!!
Tue, Oct 14 2:13 AM diaphane review of The Light feat. debbizo by Levihica
Great association :)!!!
Mon, Oct 13 9:25 PM diaphane review of Sunday afternoon (Jazz Mix) by Jeris
Hello Jeris, I love it !!!!This is just beautiful, all instruments are so delica...
Mon, Oct 13 7:54 AM diaphane review of Pirate Love by texasradiofish
Great song, and your "sense of rythm" is just perfect :)