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Reviews left by coruscate

Thu, Jun 19 1:52 AM coruscate review of the king is a rabbit by Stefan Kartenberg
Kaotic! But orchestral in a modern sense. I like this a lot, a concept rendered ...
Thu, Jun 19 1:47 AM coruscate review of Like a pirate by Robbero
Craaaazy fresh! Almost wish it finished out the vocals but man it was a filthy t...
Tue, Jun 17 3:18 PM coruscate review of Breaks -sample pack by My Free Mickey
This is an awesome sample pack! It's like having a live drummer in the mix! ...
Fri, Jun 6 6:19 AM coruscate review of Dance of the Pixels by Doxent Zsigmond
Very mellow and cool, I really like it. This is a piece I might mix up again at ...
Fri, Apr 12 3:17 PM coruscate review of Peoples No War by cdala
Holy @#$@ that is a nice mix! I'm familiar with Brad Stanfield... you've done so...
Thu, Mar 28 4:49 PM coruscate review of Ai Tal Domna (Vocal) by Javolenus
Way classy! I love it!
Wed, Mar 27 2:16 PM coruscate review of Nunca Fui a Granada by GranadaDoaba
What can I say other than this is crazy good! Definite headnod!
Sat, Mar 9 7:27 PM coruscate review of Paul Matisse's Musical Fence by Speck
Wow! This is just one of those things that when you put it together it's just r...
Sat, Mar 9 7:18 PM coruscate review of Cool Sultans Groove by Wired Ant
HOT! HOT! HOT! HOT! HOT! I like! Crazy cool!!!
Thu, Feb 21 2:16 PM coruscate review of axiomatic by awesomizer
I found this while looking up dubstep here on CC. Stems would have made this roc...
Sun, Feb 17 8:50 PM coruscate review of The Haunted Hotel by SackJo22
I really like this take on the instrumentals from Kaleidoscopic Visions, and I'm...
Sat, Feb 16 3:00 PM coruscate review of B Calm Violin 2 by Dimitri Artemenko
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh soooooooooooo nice. Thanks for posting these!