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Reviews left by coruscate

Tue, Jan 7 1:19 AM coruscate review of Vagabond claps by Subhashish
This is fun! Thanks!
Tue, Jan 7 1:17 AM coruscate review of Hand Pan Groove by Uwe Hermann
Massively funky. I was nodding my head.
Sun, Jan 5 3:49 PM coruscate review of I drank too much by reiswerk
Holeee flying cows that's fire.
Sun, Jan 5 3:39 PM coruscate review of The New Year's Eve Party by texasradiofish
Gotdamn this is good! Awesome job!
Sun, Jan 5 2:34 PM coruscate review of All I Want by Mr_Yesterday
Although I've used this pell for a silly purpose to begin with, I do dig it for ...
Sat, Jan 4 12:34 AM coruscate review of Carnavile.ogg by karmabub
It's not a bad contribution, it's just not in a popular file format.
Thu, Jan 2 1:21 AM coruscate review of Samurai Story by shockshadow
This was a surprise to find something so cool and unused in other mixes. And I k...
Wed, Jan 1 10:54 PM coruscate review of India by pingnews
You know I notice this one a long time ago apparently and never gave it the revi...
Sat, Dec 28 6:45 PM coruscate review of Beat For Rap And Hip-Hop by Bruno Luiz
I'm putting a rhyme to this shortly. Putting it in my headphones to get it going...
Sat, Dec 28 5:02 PM coruscate review of Sounds like Christmas by ScOmBer
This is pure awesome sauce.
Thu, Dec 26 3:48 PM coruscate review of Starmate by septahelix
Thank you for using my rhythms in your song. It's a fun song, I'm a tow driver s...
Mon, Dec 23 3:57 AM coruscate review of Merry Yuletide (Safety First mix) by Speck
So so so defffffff!!!