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Reviews left by CiggiBurns

Tue, Jul 8 4:58 PM CiggiBurns review of nor egrets by robwalkerpoet
As elegant as an egret.
Tue, Jul 8 4:56 PM CiggiBurns review of 69 - Isn't it good? by robwalkerpoet
It is good! I'd like this playing while I sit under a starry sky with a glass of...
Tue, Jul 8 4:52 PM CiggiBurns review of TraLa by Admiral Bob
This is such a lovely song by Susan that it's a real pleasure to hear it handled...
Tue, Jul 8 4:46 PM CiggiBurns review of Destroy The Shadows by Alex
Funkadelic for sure. A very punchy mix of Kara's excellent pell.
Tue, Jul 8 1:12 PM CiggiBurns review of Turdus merula aka blackbird by HaveMercy
I'm totally beguiled by this. I love your treatment of the vocal and there's a d...
Mon, Jul 7 1:23 PM CiggiBurns review of Stefan by Doxent Zsigmond
This is simply lovely, DZ. So glad I had a chance to listen today.
Mon, Jul 7 1:15 PM CiggiBurns review of Beboppin' in and around Gminor by Speck
Steaming hot tarmac, this is good! You're jazz royalty, Speck, and always pushin...
Mon, Jul 7 1:11 PM CiggiBurns review of Two other minds (ft. Doxent) by robwalkerpoet
This is music for giving in to the inevitable. It's sad and wry. Lovely.
Mon, Jul 7 1:06 PM CiggiBurns review of Pull the Trigger on My Heart by unreal_dm
Ooh ... love this breezy opening stroking my ears ... listening to more now .......
Sun, Jul 6 7:21 AM CiggiBurns review of Waiting (Stalking) by keytronic
Is it too late to tell you this is brilliant?
Sat, Jul 5 12:23 PM CiggiBurns review of A simple understanding by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Very nicely done, MdB!
Sat, Jul 5 6:55 AM CiggiBurns review of TraLa (the Let's Never be Far mix) by SackJo22
A most beautiful love song. Listening to your voice makes me think of silk chiff...
Fri, Jul 4 6:37 PM CiggiBurns review of Please Don't Be Shy (ft. CiggiBond) by keytronic
Wow! I mean WOW!! A backing track to live and let die for. This is, quite simply...
Fri, Jul 4 4:40 PM CiggiBurns review of Where's My Tomorrow? by Jeris
Oh I love this, J. All the textures and details are superb, the way each element...
Fri, Jul 4 1:54 PM CiggiBurns review of Summer (+stems) by stellarartwars
Get out the flask of tea, roll up the trousers, roll down the socks and knot the...