Reviews left for CSoul

Sat, Nov 28 5:23 AM Rewob review of Worth It Then Choral & Orchestral Remix by CSoul by CSoul
Stirring orchestral piece coupled with the delicate vocal. Just what I needed a...
Sat, Feb 15 3:43 AM coruscate review of Litany by CSoul
This is a funky exotic journey. Ever see Jojo's Bizarre Adventure? That ki...
Tue, Nov 20 2:54 AM soundtails review of The Session by CSoul
cant believe DO nor anyone hipped this then...well we were busy then some are st...
Tue, Apr 5 3:29 PM Snowflake review of Earth is Burning by CSoul
wow, this is incredible. can't believe i missed it previously. i'm so honored to...
Sun, Apr 3 3:48 AM texasradiofish review of SUB by CSoul
Very creative rock composition Retro rock with some Zappaesque colors
Mon, Mar 28 8:09 AM Stefan Kartenberg review of SUB by CSoul
Great Idea!!! i realy like the way u use the sounds - creative at all
Sun, Mar 6 3:11 AM texasradiofish review of Earth is Burning by CSoul
Good mix, CS Liked travelling vocal stereo panning.
Mon, Feb 29 1:03 PM latopa review of Earth is Burning by CSoul
Excellent mix CS :) what is missing of SF voices.? Your arrangement is in ...
Sat, Feb 27 6:07 PM Admiral Bob review of Earth is Burning by CSoul
This is a work of brilliance - exotic in its movement structure, but very access...
Sun, Feb 14 11:11 AM urmymuse review of And I Still by CSoul
dark and heavy in a good way
Sat, Feb 13 8:46 AM urmymuse review of No Way Out by CSoul
jolly yet dystopian track enjoyed
Sun, Jan 31 6:22 AM Kara Square review of Melt Away by CSoul
Very cool mix, CSoul! Awesome drums, great bassline... I like how it all works w...