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Reviews left by Briareus

Fri, Dec 18 5:20 PM Briareus review of Daily news from Hungary(Funkmix) by error404
Hell yes!
Sun, Dec 6 9:13 AM Briareus review of Winter Lights Cubed by Verian
A beautiful mix. Perfect atmospherics.
Sat, Nov 28 6:56 PM Briareus review of Stretch At The Grave by Scott Altham
This melody never ceases to move me. Your treatment is astounding.
Sat, Nov 28 6:54 PM Briareus review of Blue Ghost by slumberlords
This is great - takes me back to a simpler time - like a Norman Rockwell Thanksg...
Sun, Nov 22 7:00 AM Briareus review of Ruhe (Rest) a cappella by CiggiBurns
Wonderful! So heartfelt and deeply human. Thanks for sharing this.
Sat, Nov 7 3:24 PM Briareus review of Still Water a cappella by CiggiBurns
Really moving. Peltic indeed!
Mon, Oct 12 5:18 PM Briareus review of The Colour of Blue Pella (written by Narva9) by SackJo22
Totally first class! Can't wait to hear the mixes for this one.
Thu, Oct 1 11:01 AM Briareus review of The Mobile Society by panu
No more excuses - I'm buying a pedal steel for this one.
Fri, Sep 25 6:42 AM Briareus review of winterSunlight by airtone
Really first class work. A great mix that sets the perfect mood.
Wed, Sep 23 5:40 PM Briareus review of Dandy by Travis B
This is a nice pell. I might suggest that you post an mp3 version so the Flash p...
Tue, Sep 22 4:54 PM Briareus review of Nobody's Gonna Die a cappella by CiggiBurns
I love it CB! I'll play it a work - safe or not.
Mon, Sep 21 5:34 PM Briareus review of Brown & Gold by Leza Boyland
I'm glad you posted this here. It's an excellent pell - one of my favorites.