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Reviews left by Briareus

Tue, Jul 31 7:20 PM Briareus review of Madrugada a la Gil Evans by The Paloseco Brazz Orchestra
This is awesome. Wonderful mix. Gil would be downloading this if he could (maybe...
Tue, Jun 26 9:12 PM Briareus review of My Impure Memories of Osaka by gurdonark
Reminds me of Arovane and his song, Cry Osaka, Cry. (Lilies, 2004) Excellent sou...
Sat, Jun 23 11:11 AM Briareus review of RONHIC (for even trying mix) by duckett
Duck, you're on it, dude! Love the intro.
Mon, Jun 11 11:03 AM Briareus review of Ain't No Glamour by gurdonark
This is really good. The organ loops make me think of a carnival ride - nice con...
Sun, Jun 3 1:30 PM Briareus review of ABZ - A.B.H.I (Djiz_rmx) by Kwame
Man you're on it. The vocal sync is great - wish I could do that.
Sun, Jun 3 7:29 AM Briareus review of Lullaby by Suzi Q. Smith
Wonderful Suzi. You can expect ALOT of remixes of this piece. Thanks for sharing...
Sat, Jun 2 11:57 AM Briareus review of Recommencer (Cyberpest Mix) by Budapest BluesBoy
Excellent H! The drone is great. Top rate mastering as well.
Fri, Jun 1 7:52 PM Briareus review of Paris channel by Dj Core
Excellent mix. The heartbeat, then the layered synths - very evocative. My tiny ...
Thu, May 31 5:54 AM Briareus review of Close My Eyes by IceSun
This is truely awesome! Very nice atmospherics, love the guitar or plucked synth...
Mon, May 28 11:41 AM Briareus review of Drameedic Vibes by duckett
I like it. Feels like it's 2 a.m. in Paris and the bottle of Absynthe is empty.
Fri, May 25 5:32 AM Briareus review of April (Mumblemix) by Incoherent Mumble Train
This is nice. Some industrial elements, some 80's synth/pop. I like the tempo ch...
Sat, May 12 3:48 PM Briareus review of One Crazy Love (Plurgid & Phusion's Why Me? Mix) by plurgid
Man, you guys are locked, loaded and dead on! Fantastic work!
Sat, May 12 9:10 AM Briareus review of Marionette Man by Suzi Q. Smith
Excellent. I love the reference to Strange Fruit. Your work is first class.
Sat, May 12 7:05 AM Briareus review of Morr's Ruff & Dirdi One Night Dub by Morr
Nice mix - keeps me moving along. I used this piece as a background for a video ...
Fri, May 4 12:21 PM Briareus review of Glass Ceiling (humans will you ever be mix) by plurgid
Nice mix. I made a remix of your remix... a VJ vid clip called Glass Ceiling Onl...