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Reviews left by billraydrums

Fri, Jun 8 10:15 AM billraydrums review of Spell on You 140 by Apoxode
I just love this so much. Thank you for dragging my dinosaur ass into the dance ...
Wed, May 30 12:31 PM billraydrums review of How could you treat me this way by Stefan Kartenberg
Awww yeah this is badass
Mon, Mar 26 5:34 PM billraydrums review of Democrazy by Aussens@iter
Whoa! I've been busy elsewhere and just discovered this! NOICE
Tue, Mar 20 6:02 PM billraydrums review of Jam It by Stefan Kartenberg
Wow that was quick! Awesome!
Wed, Nov 2 5:21 PM billraydrums review of Ordinary Man by ScOmBer
I absolutely adore this.
Tue, Jun 14 5:29 PM billraydrums review of Blue Perfume by Aussens@iter
Please send me a dropbox link to that track with no drums in the mix and I'll re...
Tue, Jun 7 10:42 AM billraydrums review of Endless (Instrumental) by Aussens@iter
Oh man I really, really love this! Can you email me becau...
Sat, Apr 9 11:02 PM billraydrums review of Outer Space Drum Battle by Stefan Kartenberg
Bravo! Reminds me of a spaced-out "Freeway Jam". I used to play in a Jeff Beck t...
Sat, Apr 9 10:14 PM billraydrums review of Delay Lama by Stefan Kartenberg
Freakin' awesome! Seems that a genre of music may be congealing around my drum t...
Sat, Mar 5 9:11 PM billraydrums review of 150 Seconds Of 9's (Instrumental) by Aussens@iter
Whoa now! That's pretty killer
Mon, Nov 23 3:14 PM billraydrums review of Hello? by Speck
"Occasional outbursts by BillRayDrums"... See why they can't take me anywhere? ;...
Tue, Jul 28 7:26 PM billraydrums review of Waste of TV by Hans Atom
Wow, I'm very impressed with this. :D Thanks for making all of us sound great!
Fri, Jul 10 12:03 AM billraydrums review of Time Is A River With Rapids by Speck
Yeah! I love the arrhythmia that occurs. One of my projects called "Nice World" ...
Thu, Jan 1 3:05 AM billraydrums review of When I Look Into Her Eyes (Instrumental) by Aussens@iter
Very cool! I love hearing what people end up doing with my drum tracks. This is ...
Mon, Oct 20 11:23 AM billraydrums review of Crooked Mile (slinky rock mix) by Hans Atom
I'm floored. This is just brilliant. Thank you for making something so cool with...