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Reviews left for BeeAge

Mon, Jul 9 8:02 AM economix review of Walk On by BeeAge
How could I resist making this tribute at https://vimeo.com/43834927
Sun, Oct 14 8:53 AM gurdonark review of August (rock mix) by BeeAge
I'm holding my candle aloft as the opening riff kicks in. I like very much the m...
Tue, Oct 9 1:49 PM narva9 review of Walk On by BeeAge
Hey how did you know we're cheap? ;) Thanks for the remix! n9
Tue, Oct 9 1:41 PM narva9 review of I'm Fine by BeeAge
Thank you for the very unexpected and discordant treatment which nicely reflect ...
Sun, May 20 1:17 PM calendargirl review of October by BeeAge
my favourite mix of yours. using brass was a great idea. a strong, simple counte...
Sun, May 20 10:24 AM KatazTrophee review of October by BeeAge
loved it, the brass really went great with the vox
Sat, Apr 21 3:20 AM Pitx review of Like a Sunrise (straight forward pop mix) by BeeAge
I like it
Sat, Apr 21 1:57 AM Klaus_N review of Te Amare by BeeAge
A very experimental approach, but I realy like the acoustic sound esp. the 12 st...
Wed, Apr 4 9:20 PM teru review of Te Amare by BeeAge
Hey, that was sweet. : )
Sat, Mar 24 10:35 AM FGrn Grn review of February by BeeAge
I like the experimental nature...nice idea
Mon, Jan 15 4:32 PM Grizzly616 review of Blessed are the Greedy (unplugged) by BeeAge
This is something like "The Doors", just with different instruments. I like it.
Thu, Nov 9 3:20 AM gurdonark review of Supergirl by BeeAge
Direct, simple and yet varied and interesting interpretation.
Mon, Nov 6 3:38 AM Vurma review of Supergirl by BeeAge
haha! very playful piano line. u have to upload that one!
Mon, Nov 6 1:33 AM fourstones review of Supergirl by BeeAge
oh, you have to upload the piano track ;) use 'manage files' and I'll make su...