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Reviews left by BanjoMcBongo

Wed, May 24 8:38 AM BanjoMcBongo review of Apollo Nove - Yage Cameras (Mattrix iron beatz remix) by mattrix
I'm liking those crunchy drums!
Mon, Nov 7 10:43 AM BanjoMcBongo review of Twinkle, Twinkle by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
This is nice. Works well with the vocal
Mon, Nov 7 10:39 AM BanjoMcBongo review of Wake Up to the Law by LAVOURA ELETRO
Wow! I really like the overall sound and the percussion sounds are good aswel...
Mon, Oct 24 5:21 AM BanjoMcBongo review of Below GENGHIS' RMX by genghis
Big, big sound. Really good.
Mon, Oct 24 2:10 AM BanjoMcBongo review of one moment (cdk play it cool mix) by Analog By Nature
Really nice, chilled head nodding stuff.I like it.
Mon, Oct 24 2:04 AM BanjoMcBongo review of Super Dub by Metallic Fish Paint
Nice Geetar sound!
Fri, Oct 21 3:17 AM BanjoMcBongo review of New World Flowers by Metallic Fish Paint
one hellaof a phone message -- if you wanted to borrow the car just come out an...
Thu, Oct 20 1:44 AM BanjoMcBongo review of rock n roll by Pat
Reaflly feeling the vocals, nice flows and I'd like to hear more
Thu, Oct 20 1:25 AM BanjoMcBongo review of cuckoo - wOOdy PROmixx by wOOdy
Lovely, you have a really good sound
Thu, Oct 20 1:23 AM BanjoMcBongo review of beLOW - wOOdy-LSD-PROmixx by wOOdy
Yes man! great original sounding work
Wed, Oct 19 1:19 PM BanjoMcBongo review of Schrodinger's Cat Paradox by cjacks
You do have an incredible sound. Manic in a great way, I absolutely love this on...
Wed, Oct 19 12:51 PM BanjoMcBongo review of Making Me Nervous (Cyberpest Mix 3.9) by Budapest BluesBoy
This sounds good to me. Quite simple and stripped down but everythiing's working...
Wed, Oct 19 12:46 PM BanjoMcBongo review of My Supergirl by johnnok
I realy like the clicky hi hats and the sounds compliment the vocal very well. N...
Wed, Oct 19 7:31 AM BanjoMcBongo review of it's in my blood by Stig Martin Andersen
I really like this. Interesting mixture of samples, top class!!
Fri, Oct 14 5:18 AM BanjoMcBongo review of Midnight is Everizing by Metallic Fish Paint
I realy like this one. Nice brass sounds. works well. Maybe you could develop...