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Do you get episodes in the middle of the night when you are feeling like you are wide awake yet you cannot move or talk? If you get this a lot, chances are you are suffering from sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is found to be the inability or the body’s difficulty to pass in between wakefulness and being asleep. Over the years, people have had a lot of theories as to why sleep paralysis happens. Some say that it’s because there are demons watching you as you sleep or there are alien abductors who want to take you to their spaceship.

The truth is, sleep paralysis is a medical condition and there are no mystic explanations on why it happens. However, if you are not careful about dealing with sleep paralysis, you may suffer heavier consequences and deeper impacts to your lifestyle during the day. That is why it helps to get help from a center that offers sleep medicine in South Dakota so you can correct your sleep cycles early on. A lot of researches on sleep disorders have observe that sleep paralysis is a simple case of not being able to move smoothly from sleep stages. However, sleep paralysis is also connected to psychiatric problems like anxiety and depression and the worst part of it is these connected psychiatric problems can turn to a worse scenario because of not being able to sleep well. Once you go through sleep paralysis, you will not be able to move or speak. This can normally happen as you fall asleep or as you pass through your REM cycle.

When you experience sleep paralysis as you are falling asleep, you might not be able to feel that you are not able to move or sleep because your body is already going through a relaxed phase. However, if you pass through the REM cycle and you go through sleep paralysis, you will definitely notice that you cannot move or speak because you are partially moving into a wakefulness phase of your sleep. It has been found that about 40% of ages 13 and up go through sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis can even run in the blood because of having the same living environment. There are also other factors that can contribute to sleep paralysis like lack of sleep and schedule changes that may require an individual to stay awake during the night, mental conditions like anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder, night time leg cramps or narcolepsy, taking of certain psych drugs, substance abuse and even sleeping on the back.

If you are not sure that you are going through sleep paralysis, it is always a good idea to visit a sleep and wellness center so you can learn about sleep medicine in South Dakota that can help you recover having a sound sleep at night. What you have to do is to check with a sleep doctor for proper analysis and also so you can be given the right kind of treatment. Get helpful information on this source when you view this website today!
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