Pollinators Secret Mixter

Pollinators Secret Mixter

“Diversity is a flower that blooms with greater beauty and greater strength each time it is cross-pollinated.” ~K. Ancrum

When we upload our music to share, we open our art to the universe of creators and listeners. We’re not sure where our music will go or how it will be used, but we’re sure that the music we’ve created will pollinate creativity in ways that help music culture thrive.

For this Secret Mixter, we’re pollinating our mixes with a unique blend of diversity of gratitude. We take the source of our assigned Mixter, and we diversify it with our interpretation, making something new from the gifts we’ve been given.

Flowers make themselves fragrant and offer nectar. Why? To nourish the bees or to get themselves pollinated? Or both? In nature, to get you have to give. There is no charity. There is no exploitation, neither selfishness nor selflessness. One grows by helping others grow. Is that not the perfect society?
― Devdutt Pattanaik

What new blend of sound will you create as you pollinate the source of your Secret Mixter assignment into a remix?

If you sign-up you commit to uploading a remix on Upload Day so no one gets left behind.

Listen as a playlist HERE.

The sign up period for this mixup is closed. The mixup particpants should be uploading right now(!)