Blue Hour Secret Mixter

Because it’s getting to be the blue hour, and that’s the time when everything is revealed. ~John Rechy

As the sun metaphorically rises into the year 2023, as each day gets a little longer toward the Spring Equinox, and as we take action on our new year resolutions, there is a special moment, a breath, a whisper like the moment between night and day. Photographers call this the Blue Hour.

Why? Because the Blue Hour has a special resonance of light, and also a special moment of sound. The birds sing their morning song, the coffee shops open, and there is shuffling in the kitchen. If you’re awake for this, you know the feeling. It’s like a secret gift you’ve been given before the day begins.

This is how we’ve chosen to start ccMixter’s 2023 New Year.

The Blue Hour Secret Mixter. The early birds get the mix!

Sign up Jan 29-Feb 11
Assignments go out Feb 12
Upload Feb 25 & 26

Some whisperings about how to capture the Blue:

1: Mix until the sun comes up
2: Capture your assignment’s magic moments
3: Make your mix pop
4: Ask yourself “What does ‘Blue’ sound like?”

New to Secret Mixters? Read this first before you sign up. And remember, if you stand up your assignment you’ll be banned from future Secret Mixter events. No Mixter left behind!

**Join our first-ever Secret Mixter livestream Sun 11a ET/4p GMT (more HERE)**


The sign up period for this mixup is closed. The mixup particpants should be uploading right now(!)