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Some Updates

We are contemplating a regular (possibly even daily) music hour livestream: minimal chat, get your mixter music fix. Old songs and new. All we need to know is what everyone thinks would be the best time for such a thing. Vote by replying in this forum thread.

Beta works if you start from this page., then use the nav in the top-right corner.

Pagination is back the way we want it, hooray!

Been thinking about this line by spinningmerkaba Circa 2009...

And here is the latest livestream for anyone who missed it:

March 9
Dig has come back to life. It has not yet moved to HTTPS, so continue using the old URL for the time being. We appreciate your patience.
March 5
ccmixter will update some things over the course of the day. Expected time offline is 10 AM (Eastern US) through 2 PM. If you encounter any bugs or issues after that time, please tell us about it in The Bugs Forum

February 27
If you missed the live stream, or just liked it a lot, it is now available for re-watching

Feb 26
Between 10:00 and 10:30 AM Eastern US Time today, ccMixter's first-ever public livestream will begin on the main youtube channel:
Everyone is welcome to come chat as the admins (and possibly guests) review the Blue Hour secret mixter uploads.