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Loops from Like Ani (LBP remix)

uploaded: Mon, Feb 13, 2006 @ 4:23 PM
byUncool Bob
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Loops from my remix of HC-7’s guitar track: http://ccmixter.org/media/f...

The file loop-order.txt tells you what order they come in the remix.

If you’d like WAVs just send an email through this site. Don’t forget to say which ones you need! I can also separate the tracks out to your requirements. Please be specific.

Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /loops-mp3/0076.mp3 (170.41Kb)
  • /loops-mp3/0105.mp3 (170.41Kb)
  • /loops-mp3/0108.mp3 (170.41Kb)
  • /loops-mp3/0114-noguit.mp3 (170.42Kb)
  • /loops-mp3/0128-nogroove-nowarble.mp3 (170.43Kb)
  • /loops-mp3/0128-nohatsetc.mp3 (170.42Kb)
  • /loops-mp3/0128-nokicks-nogroove-nowarble.mp3 (170.44Kb)
  • /loops-mp3/0128-nokicks-nogroove.mp3 (170.43Kb)
  • /loops-mp3/0128-nokicks.mp3 (170.42Kb)
  • /loops-mp3/0128-nosnaresetc.mp3 (170.42Kb)
  • /loops-mp3/0128.mp3 (170.41Kb)
  • /loops-mp3/0134-nopings-notabm-noclaps-noguit.mp3 (170.44Kb)
  • /loops-mp3/0134-nopings-notamb-noclaps.mp3 (170.43Kb)
  • /loops-mp3/0134-nopings-notamb.mp3 (170.42Kb)
  • /loops-mp3/0134-nopings.mp3 (170.42Kb)
  • /loops-mp3/0134.mp3 (170.41Kb)
  • /loops-mp3/0135.mp3 (170.41Kb)
  • /loops-mp3/0144.mp3 (170.41Kb)
  • /loops-mp3/0154-basicbeats.mp3 (170.42Kb)
  • /loops-mp3/0154-min+scratches+tamb.mp3 (170.43Kb)
  • /loops-mp3/0154-min+scratches.mp3 (170.42Kb)
  • /loops-mp3/0154-minimal.mp3 (170.42Kb)
  • /loops-mp3/0154-nosnare-noshot.mp3 (170.42Kb)
  • /loops-mp3/0154-withperc.mp3 (170.42Kb)
  • /loops-mp3/0154.mp3 (170.41Kb)
  • /loops-mp3/0159-full.mp3 (170.42Kb)
  • /loops-mp3/0159-nokicks-noclaps.mp3 (170.43Kb)
  • /loops-mp3/0159-nokicks-nosnare-noguit.mp3 (170.43Kb)
  • /loops-mp3/0159-nokicks.mp3 (170.42Kb)
  • /loops-mp3/0159.mp3 (170.41Kb)
  • /loops-mp3/0161.mp3 (170.41Kb)
  • /loops-mp3/0164.mp3 (170.41Kb)
  • /loops-mp3/0165.mp3 (170.41Kb)
  • /loops-mp3/loop-order.txt (744)

"Loops from Like Ani (LBP remix)"
by Uncool Bob

2006 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial

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