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Collaboration Project: "April (oldDog's 'Drive' mix)"

Created by: calendargirl 2008-01-31 06:43:56
From the forthcoming Calendar Songs record - oldDog and I wanted to let you guys here at ccMix hear what we’d been doing as this community is THE BEST and without it I doubt I’d have a Calendar Songs record at all. When oldDog agreed to let me put his mix of my ‘April’ song on the record we talked about how we could improve and expand it. So this is really a whole new track (hence our use of this nice ‘collab’ feature). oldDog will have to fill you in on the amazing work he did on this with percussion and other lovely extras. I took a run at arranging some backing vocals and then oldDog came up with something more sophisticated - what you hear on the chorus is a nice mix of the two. I suggested adding an instrumental bridge and oldDog made this wonderful guitar sing over the last third of the song. And I added some soft spoken lyrics on the last verse. Thanks once again for your support of this project, we’d love to know what you think of this! CGx