Ocean Dreams Music Event

How I Did It

Kill Kill Kill (Third World O...
by Third World Orchestra
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Wed, Apr 18, 2007 @ 10:33 AM
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Tools I Used

Cool Edit to mix and edit - Fruity Loops to play some keys and instruments

Samples I Used

I´ve only used "one note samples" from classic cumbia instruments or keyboars, usually played in this style, then I played them with a pitch keyboard and arranged different melodies. The percussion bits are from free samples Libraries that I´ve found in some music magazines.

Original Samples

well, I recorded some vinyl static, I pitched down, rearranged and added Lo-Fi EQ to a lot of percussion instruments. All the basslines and most of the keys are based on presets, but I give them some "touch".


I mix them with cool edit pro2.0...First , when I have all the multitracks equalized and with final volumes, I mixed down the instrumental and the separated voices, then in a different session I made the final mixdown and give it some normalization and compression.

Other Notes

I´m a big dj vadim fan...So it was an honour to me having the opportunity to remix his work...when you work with the material of someone who is creative, you feel very free to try a lot of things. Even if I don´t win, I hope people dig this version, coz It´s all about share ideas and good music, and having fun.