Endurance Secret Mixter--Mix Mode

How I Did It

Ana (itiopi-reggae-rmx) Vieux...
by JawaRa
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Tue, Mar 6, 2007 @ 11:01 PM

Tools I Used

M-Audio Delta 66 soundcard for recording and playback.
Envy24Control mixer applet

A custom build of GNU/Linux Distro - Gentoo 2006 - as audio workstation's operating system.

Alsamixer and Envy24Control mixer applet.

Audacity for audio auditioning, editing and or converting.

Jack sound server.

Ardour for audio non-linear multitrack recording, editing, playback and mastering.

Basic Plugins Reverb, EQ, Reflector, Compressor.

Samples I Used

FLAC based Raw Studio Tracks

Original Samples

Keyboards, Organ, Synth, Drums, Remixing


Converted from flac to wav.
Audition samples in Audacity.
Load samples into Ardour.
Record conceived parts.
Listen, Mix, Master.

Other Notes

It gives me great pleasure say that this project gave me the wonderful experience of using only Free/Open Source Software from Intro to Outro, from operating system to applications and plugins, from flac to wav to ogg to mp3.