Yin of Yang Mixing In Progress

How I Did It

Fabric(S.mixter)Davi rogue de...
by §įǷǷƔ�?ʗʯǷ
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Sun, Oct 1, 2006 @ 10:57 PM

Tools I Used

FL-studio is all I had to work with, my other audio program is not working on this new computer :(

Samples I Used

My samples were from davi rogue de souza-samples:um comeco tosco & proton pumps, they are under creative commons license I think :)
I was picked randomly by the secret mixter to remix davi rogue.
the samples I used:
piano,tamborin,kick(2),808kick,snare,hat,crash,crash reversed,3x osc,syturs-bass-deep nebula,all these make up the complete track of 30 different arrangments stacked and place all in there give places, the effects I used were applied to the given samples;had to use same effects couple of different time which means you double load the sample.but they are as follows:reverb, flangus, chours, delay. I was useing different syths but cut them in the end.
And one audio sample of a bell, that I time streched,Its surpressed really low.

Original Samples

I created a few different things to go along with the samples used, but either deleted them or surpressed them a great deal.
The main thing is the 808 kick and hat with snare and taborin with optional kick to fill in, this makes up my begginng beat and changes slitly over the course of the track.


Well I took the *davi* samples and cut them into smaller pieces then placed each piece into a slicer 4 exactly, then from there I used little sniplets of the whole to come up with different effects, like the stutter, or the repeating of vocals,then for the first time ever I used the Granulizer with *davi*samples the first one kicks in at 2:41 this is a stutter-with many different effects tweeked. the second Granulizer I used was first reversed-then alot of different effects tweeked also.
next I put some panning effects into this piece the times are:27-41-1:01-1:08-1:25-2:27-2:34,these I just quickly looked atthe track there might be more slight ones in there still.

Other Notes

I learned 7hrs before dead line that I was apart of this secret mixter, and once I noticed I'd been remixed I didnt want someone to be out there with out being remixed so I decided to get it done in the 7hrs I had. After a while I started to think I might need a couple days to do this justice(and somethings I might of wanted changed)and started getting frustrated;however, I was determined to at least get to 2:00mins of the track down but once I got that far I went all the way, it seemed to flow from there and actually run into 4:00 mins which I never intended. I really liked this and would love to do another secrect mixter.
thank you much for reading I hope I have gave you some insight into this project, if Im missing something send me and email and Ill fix it, or add to this or if you want to know something in particular let me know.