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How I Did It

Blue Luna
by shimoda
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Sun, Aug 11, 2019 @ 8:16 AM

Tools I Used

Cubase Artist 6.5 - I know, it's ancient and cheap and I had to reinstall it to do this work but linear style work makes more sense than trying to use Ableton for this. Maybe I should upgrade to 10.0, thoughts?

Samples I Used

I selected more ambient (save for the beats) sounds to work with. As usual I load up a bunch of audio files at once and just preview them live, all playing at once, to see what pops out at me. I go back and solo that sound and start from there.

Original Samples

nothing, I tried to use Blue's material 100%


As mentioned earlier, I work from singular sounds and let them guide the early stages of the process. I like to process vocals and some sounds to give them a noisiness or edge if that is lacking. I also like to use motifs or repetition in mixes.

Other Notes

As Luna is both the name of one of our dogs and one of the pieces I chose to use, I wanted to give the piece an eerie, lost in space kind of feel. The few vocal snippets - sounds from Nasa during the Apollo missions and the phrase 'emergency' pitch shifted to sound like different people in order to create that feeling. Perhaps the hardest part is limiting the introduction and finding a way into the rhythmic section in as close to an organic way as possible.