How I Did It

Below (Soundphiles Storm Mix)
by Tobias Enstrom
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Mon, Apr 17, 2006 @ 2:23 PM

Uses samples from:


Tools I Used

This remix like all my other remixes and original material is created in logic pro 6.4 using only the logic plug in's as they are the only ones i have at the mo.

Samples I Used

most samples i used are from sample cds from magazines. some are from my mates who have sampled various things such as films and tv programmes.

Original Samples

The acoustic guitar was played by my piano teacher. i recorded him using a shure sm58 which went through my DJ mixer (i'm sure there are some producers screaming in horror at that) i then did the usual stuff such as compression, reverb and delay.


very randomly, lol. i do each track differently, but the main way is starting with the vox, then creating some pads and chords then adding the drum samples. i sort the levels as i go along, sometimes soloing one track then bringing in a track at a time and adjusting the levels

Other Notes

i'm not happy with the guitar, i feel that it just doesnt sit right. sound wise i'm happy, i think its the timing, its a tad laid back, its not tight. but thats just me