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How I Did It

Am I?
by The_Only_True_Genius
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Thu, Jun 6, 2013 @ 1:42 AM
Play Am I?

Tools I Used

Ableton with Kontakt 5 vst , Massive vst and Absynth vst plugins.

For the Vocals - Vocoder, Reverb, Filter Delay, Auto Tune, Limiter, Compressor and Auto Pan.
I also recorded the vocal line with reverb but played backwards then flipped back to normal which created a backwards delay effect.
For the Absynth Synths – Saturator, Compressor, Auto Filter and Reverb.
For the Massive Synths – Ping Pong Delay, Auto Filter, EQ Eight and Reverb.
For The Kontakt 5 Strings - Saturator, Compressor, Auto Filter and Ping Pong Delay
For the Drums I used – EQ Eight and Reverb
I included sidechain compression on the Massive synths with audio inputted from the drums. So that the drums weren’t lost in the mix.
The Master Track had a compressor and limiter added.

Other Notes

Made for a Uni Assignment.

I’d never attempted to create a dubstep track before so many parts that I created in the beginning didn’t end up working out and it took me a while in creating the synth sounds- through the Massive VST.