How I Did It

How Do You Feel About That? (...
by Ivan Chew
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Sun, Nov 20, 2011 @ 3:17 AM

Tools I Used

Logic Express.

Samples I Used

All from ccM.


Was paired with CSoul. Suffered mild panic when I browsed through his uploads. Too many good stuff! :)

To narrow the samples, I decided to look for CC-BY samples (found 10). From that, I looked at tracks that have not been remixed before -- if possible. Finally left with 5 and further narrowed to three. In the end, it wasn't possible to use only un-remixed samples (CSoul is one popular fella here).

Opted for a guitar-instrumental mix (there aren't many at ccMixters who do guitar instrumentals, are there?) The foundation track was "Somebody Help Me", which I was pleasantly surprised to find Down With Ben on vocals and Admiral Bob on blues guitar.

I really liked CSoul's bass line, so went with that. Spliced in a few of his Rock Piano Organ sounding stems, and some of the guitar parts he uploaded.

Chose that one or two vocal parts, from Down With Ben, that stood out. It inspired the title for the track.

Cut up the Admiral's Blues guitar stems. Tried to keep a coherent melodic arrangement, balancing between retaining his original riffs and still create an original sounding guitar instrumental.

As a sanity check, I listened to CSoul's mix, plus Admiral Bob's and Down With Ben's stems. Just to make sure my mix was fairly original, especially since I used the original bass, drums and piano arrangement.

Other Notes

Wish I could play like the Admiral!