Quintessential Solstice Event

How I Did It

You're the change
by mandthedband
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Mon, Aug 8, 2011 @ 2:18 PM

Uses samples from:


Tools I Used

Rosegarden, fluidsynth (qsynth), Ardour, Hydrogen Drum Machine


Unfortunately Qsynth does not allow 2 (stereo) jack output per midi channel, so I had to mute tracks and record each track one by one into Ardour, kept midi volume high and center pan to make the mix all in Ardour. Once I had the chords, I "followed" them to make the pizzicato (alas, fluidsynth or whatever kept a reverbero I would like to remove and manage fx all in Ardour again, but I was not able to...); there where a strings "base" I removed and replaced with "vibraphone" hits. Drums were done in Hydrogen except for the brush, for which I've used again the fluidsynth "regular" soundfont (the one it "ships" with, at least on GNU/Linux), through Rosegarden.
Finally, I worked on the viola/violin solo, I think solo strings are rather terrible but that's what I have. Added reverbero and some fx for the voice, and it was (almost) done.

Other Notes

Rosegarden is too much notational when you need to change details of midi events, or on the opposite it becomes too raw. I wanted to add pitch band in some points, but the "editor" it's almost unusable with respect to adding controls manually. I was used to Bars&Pipes Pro (on Amiga), where its hybrid notation and controllers editing capabilities are (were...?) far superior. Likely common sequencers (even Rosegarden despite its notational features) are a bit biased towards "real" live midi input rather than inserting notes and controls by hand. I am planning to buy a mini master keyboard (M-Audio or alike) for this.