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How I Did It

Roll For Initiative
by Victor Frost
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Fri, Apr 30, 2010 @ 10:53 PM

Uses samples from:


Tools I Used

Adobe Audition, Blue Snowflake

Samples I Used

I used the piano sample from The 3am Association, and a bassline and two hit hats from my collection of royalty free samples that was provided to me when I bought Sony Acid.

Original Samples

Just the vocals.


I laid down the piano track which ran at 76BPM. Since I wanted it to be a techno-ish track, I set the project tempo for 156 BPM, double the rate of the piano track. Since the piano track was not set with any loop or BPM info built into the file, it stayed the same. Next I tossed in the bass and hit hat loops and duplicated them until the end of the track, removing clips where I deemed necessary.
Finally, I recorded the vocals, filtered the noise out, and added some reverb. I had some issue with synchronization, but I corrected that with some splicing and moving.

After that, I just exported the file and, viola, it was done.

Other Notes

It was fun, and probably the best quality of work I've done in the least amount of time.