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How I Did It

by Ivan Chew
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Mon, Feb 8, 2010 @ 4:53 AM

Uses samples from:


Tools I Used

Macbook Pro.

Epiphone Les Paul Standard (factory pickups).
Line6 KB37 Toneport.
Line6 Podfarm.

Samples I Used

Other than the lead guitars, everything else you hear were spliced from ccMixter stems.

Original Samples

Lead guitars (electric and clean/ tremolo).


Used Audacity to convert the MP3s to AIFFs. Compressed some of the stems. Also reversed some guitar parts (that became the swelling distortion you hear at the start).

Added a chorus/ break of sorts, by cutting admiralbob's original bass/ rhythm guitar arrangement. I applied the 'reverse' effect to admiralbob's guitar stems, just for fun. Discovered that some parts sounded coherent. Chopped them up a bit and was happy with a fairly decent sounding chorus part.

Recorded my leads. Actually I didn't play the lead till the end. I recorded about 2/3 worth of the full track and ran out of melodic ideas. Decided to chop up my original lead recording and spliced them to make a whole. Inevitably, there's no main melodic motif.

Other Notes

Simply love the fat sounding rhythm power chords from admiralbob!