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Fri, Nov 13, 2009 @ 7:56 PM

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Samples I Used

chimes,thunderstorm leek 1999, heaven gate, open fire. very big cannon, mysterious atmosphere, dsuavebass mo,bass 74#7, dance of light pixels, celestial 10, music compilation bed, realization, water-drops various, steady light,cymbal, reverse cymbal, glass hit, metal-3, metal resonance amb. ... as any samples not obtained from this site are royalty free


motivation best began with the words as my guide then just placing the bits together thus then taking the vocals and triple layering them with layers 2-3 slightly lower to accent layer 1 with echo raised 3 quarter bar as well raised reverb at mid bar, also enhancing layer 1 with female narrator for me timing are always set standards

Other Notes

This life of mine seems to fall just short of doing something meaningful yet this is truly a quite refreshing stave at achievement it is wonderful to be a part of such a beautiful project and eye am thankful to GOD for granting me this allowance of art to contribute