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How I Did It

Thing's I Love, Thing's I Hat...
by Loveshadow
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Tue, Aug 25, 2009 @ 3:43 AM


Over 36 cool music slots (15 mins worth) were arranged on a single track in Ableton.

Interesting words or phrases were highlighted and pulled to a second track below. Those words were all then pulled back to the start, a time consuming job in itself.

Once they could all be heard running adjacent to one another, i created another track below and started to build one verse at a time moving individual parts around.

The first was the easiest but as the choice of words got less the possibilities reduced and it got harder. I considered going to get more music slots to choose from but i changed the structure of the next verse and suddenly it all appeared.

The music bed was a straightforward affair twisting some of MCJIB recent stems.

This whole process was something i argued with an English professor about at college one year, who would over analyse every word and line of a poem relating it back to some life incident of the writer. Effectively tearing out the heart of what was in effect just a flow of interesting words and sounds.

I gave him a fridge magnetic poetry set when i left.

As is often the case , the reader makes of it what they will, nonsense or not.

Give enough monkeys a typewriter...