Time of Terror Remix Event

How I Did It

William and Caroline (Nebulae)
by gurdonark
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Sun, May 17, 2009 @ 7:07 PM

Tools I Used

olympus voice recorder
sawcutter 2.0
magix samplitude 14

Samples I Used

Hickory-nut whistle sample, played by Dr. Gregory Westbrook, a rocket scientist, recorded on an Olympus voice recorder in the McGee Creek wildlife reserve in rural Oklahoma.


The first melody is created using the sequenced sample from the hickory nut shell whistling.
The recorder provides the second voice. I used reverb to create a sense of 60s sci fi, and the accordion sample to be the little rocket/take-off noises under the mix.

Other Notes

My idea was to do a song about the Herschel space telescope, but when I read about the Herschel siblings, I found myself enchanted and intrigued.