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by gmz
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Sun, Oct 5, 2008 @ 10:07 AM
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Samples are used in:

Album/CD: Jamendo : Home by gmz

Tools I Used

Ableton Live, with these plug-ins: NI Guitar Rig 3 (to make a piano sample act like a guitar), PSP Nitro (for the echoes), and NI Master EQ to make the whole thing audible.

Samples I Used

I've used a snippet from a great audiocookbook.org sample, using it to match the main beat, who is made with a minified sample from the fourstones funk pack alongside a few single sampled drum hits.
The piano sample was taken from the Magnatune sample pool, and it was used twice, as a piano as well as a distorted guitar.

Original Samples

a new drumkit :)


First was the piano loop, even if it was supposed to serve in a different style. Playing with the guitar amps I've found that the piano sample could act nicely as a guitar, so I've just let them go alongside each other.

At that time a beat was needed, and I had taken a filtered sample from fourstones I've used in another track (which isn't going to have an end), picked up it's mid-hi section and put it alongside a brand-new-sampled kick/snare pair, to empower it a little. While browsing Audio Cookbook I've found that awesome door/walk sample which fitted perfectly in the beat, giving it a new layer. Because I suck at basslines, I've opted for an arpeggiated midi synth this time.

After making the first try, I felt this base needed a voice, and I started listening every acappella I've marked before: testing the Forensic one on the beat was awesome, so I've started to cut a different base to match it.

Other Notes

I love the result, even if I'm not satisfied by the mixdown (but working with laptop and hearphones only isn't the best for this). I really loved the moment in which I tested the Forensic acappella on the main loop: it was really awesome hearing them pair up.