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How I Did It

Come Back 2 Me - mykleanthony...
by mykleanthony
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Mon, Jun 2, 2008 @ 8:31 AM

Uses samples from:


Tools I Used

I used Fruity Loops for all of it. I'm still learning the package so I'm probably not using it to it's full potential. It gets the job done though.

Samples I Used

I used a lot of wave files that I download from different sites. I really like the Big Fish Audio stuff. It's always interesting.

Original Samples

I can not take any of the credit for creating the samples. I just try and put them together as best I can. I am a vocalist and musician so that helps a great deal.


I Downloaded the acapella and used that as the base and started building the drums, bass then everything else. It does not always work in that order but as soon as I heard this piece I knew where I wanted to go with it. Direction is really all you need and a little bit of know how.

Other Notes

I still stumbled on the vocals a bit. There is a timing thing that happens but it's the vibe of the song and it was far to complicated to try and separate the ad libs from the main vocal so I left it alone. It wasn't broke so I didn't try to fix it.