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How I Did It

Look Deep
by duckett
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Tue, May 13, 2008 @ 4:14 PM
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Tools I Used

Hardware: Sony PCM-D50 Linear PCM recorder, windows PC
Software: WaveLab Lite, Sony Acid Pro 6
Plug-ins: Limiter, Stereo Expander, Phaser, Reverb

Samples I Used

see sample list

Original Samples

Recorded using the PCM-D50:
big messy kick = me tapping on my oven
odd high-end perc. loop = me tapping/drawing a knife blade across a ceramic coffee cup lip
odd "triplet" b/g low-mid perc. sound = me squeezing an empty plastic 64-oz. juice bottle


The 4nsic/Sol pella seemed to go very nicely with the daviroque "Puzzle" sample I already had downloaded as a whole; I had been fooling around with the PCM-D50, and decided to try plugging in some homemade samples to see what worked. After some fiddling and tweaking, I found something I found worth uploading (not to say the result's 'problem-free'...)

Other Notes

I really like the message of the pella; I made a HIDI basically in case some folks were wondering where some of the sounds were coming from.