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Good Night (Far Away Mix)

uploaded: Sun, Sep 16, 2012 @ 3:38 PM
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Remix of Colab for Fall 2012 Agent Blues Secret Mixter.

Colab is one of my favorite remixers. There is something about his work that I feel a natural affinity for. So, it was actually somewhat difficult not to take his uploads and work them into something that I would do on my own. I spent a lot time listening to his uploads and choosing parts and clips that I thought held distinctive personality. The remix started as instrumental. However, clips from Myvanillaword (used in Colab’s uploads) seemed to naurally fall into place with the sentiment of the remix. I may need to remaster, I finished this on headphones. Hope you enjoy! Looking forward to downloading this mixters playlist and listening over the coming week.

"Good Night (Far Away Mix)"
by vo1k1

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