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Samples From Diablo

uploaded: Tue, Oct 4, 2005 @ 8:35 AM
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Samples from the Diablo track, from the Volk album by Vate.

Diablo was done originally for the videohome Cumbia cachonda from director Christian González, along with other three pieces: Cachonda, Cachonda (Foreplay) and Por debajo del agua. Diablo combines the basic sound of cumbia, as usually is played in Mexico, with simple and danceable electro sounds.
See "How I Did It"

Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /samples diablo/bajo.wav (1.68Mb)
  • /samples diablo/bajo_2.wav (344.74Kb)
  • /samples diablo/blip.wav (1.35Mb)
  • /samples diablo/chaaan.wav (1.38Mb)
  • /samples diablo/hat.mp3 (81.74Kb)
  • /samples diablo/hat_loop.wav (344.74Kb)
  • /samples diablo/k.wav (1.35Mb)
  • /samples diablo/loop1.wav (690.19Kb)
  • /samples diablo/loop2.wav (345.66Kb)
  • /samples diablo/melo.mp3 (236.84Kb)
  • /samples diablo/tarola-blip.wav (344.74Kb)
  • /samples diablo/tarola1.mp3 (122.55Kb)
  • /samples diablo/tarola2.mp3 (122.55Kb)
  • /samples diablo/tarola2.wav (525.35Kb)
  • /samples diablo/tron1.mp3 (421.53Kb)
  • /samples diablo/tron2.mp3 (421.53Kb)
  • /samples diablo/uh.mp3 (81.74Kb)
  • /samples diablo/vox1.wav (689.27Kb)
  • /samples diablo/vox2.wav (1.35Mb)
  • /samples diablo/vox3.wav (344.74Kb)
  • /samples diablo/voxcumbia.mp3 (81.74Kb)
  • /samples diablo/voxdiablo.mp3 (81.74Kb)

"Samples From Diablo"
by vate

2005 - Licensed under
Creative Commons

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